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Hi there,
I have been trying to add fonts to the fonts dropt down menu, I have modify these three files but it is still not working

<style name="Font15" variable="font15" type="type" />

@import url(//|Slabo+27px|Lora|Poiret+One|Lobster|Playfair+Display|Pacifico|Crimson+Text|Oswald|Droid+Sans|Nunito|Fredoka+One|Bree+Serif);

@font15-type-font-family: ~"'Bree Serif', serif";

Any help?
Thank you,

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c5box replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi V,

Looks about right. Probably a caching issue? Can you try disabling cache, clearing it, then do a hard refresh?

byvictoria replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you James, I ll keep trying...
pixeljunkie replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi James - I am having the same issue. Just bought a new licence of the theme. Now trying to add a new font the way depicted above, but the font is not showing in the list. Above that, when assigning Slabo, the font does not show. I have disabled and cleared the cache ...

Any idea?

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