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I'm trying to create a page title with image background using the Fruitful Page Title and Description Custom template (similar to those in your live demo). For some reason the image isn't extending the full width of the page. Because of this, the page title appears too close to the left-hand border of the page title image.

Any suggestions on how to get it to extend to full screen? Thanks!

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MichaelG replied on at Permalink Reply
So the way we're doing this on the subpages is like this:

1. Add "Page Title" block to the "Header" area.
2. Once added, click the block and select "design and custom template".
3. Click the gear icon, and select Fruitful Page Title for the custom template
4. Now, while not hovering directly over the block, but over the header area, you should see the "header" tag which is clickable, click that.
5. click "Edit Area Design"
6. Click the second icon, which is an image icon
7. Choose an image to be the background. I'd recommend your image is at least 1920px wide.
dag182 replied on at Permalink Reply
Ah - got it. Image added via the header block vs. the added page title block. Worked perfectly; thank you!

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