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Fundamental is quite well documented, but often it leaves me wanting. As someone who isn't a hardened-in-fire concrete5 user, there's concepts that are talked about all over the place that I don't know what it's referring to.

For example, "Enable/Disable site boxing". This could mean a lot of things, but I have no idea what it actually means in this context.

What I would like to see from the Fundamental project is connecting the dots for the concepts that are referred to all over the project. On the Fundamental website, in-the tool, and stuff like that. Even if it's linking to another site that explains the concepts being discussed, it would really help with explaining the context of various features and functions.

Please consider this! :)

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Whilst we try and document the most common tasks there are of course times that things may need further explanation - we often try and answer these questions here and then further expand the docs as necessary.

The site 'boxing' option simply contains the entire site within the grid, adding almost a defined 'box' around the content - the opposite of a full width site effectively.

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