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Good afternoon,

I am attempting to create a landing page on my site that devoid of all global areas. I am working through a forum post elsewhere, but am having some difficulty. Here is the post:

I went into /packages/fundamental/themes/fundamental/elements and searched for the areas discussed in the post but was unsuccessful. Is there a different header.php file I should be editing to create a new page type without global areas?


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bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
If anyone know how to correctly modify a page type for fundamental that allows for all global areas to be removed, I'd appreciate it.

I am currently digging into:

But so far I have not successfully made it so the edit bar exists, and I am worried the page type will be overridden upon upgrade.

any pointers would be appreciated.
bayleafmedia replied on at Permalink Reply
To update this post.

I ended up using an elemental page type instead of fundamental. It's working, but I have to maintain two CSS files. Maybe I'll get around to spending more time on this in the future.


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I have one

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