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Good Morning

I encounter the following problem: my fourth menu is present on my computer but it is not visible on my tablet or on my smartphone which could mean that it is not visible on the other computers.

This menu is called "Relaxation" and should normally be, to the right of "Blog"

What do you do?

My website address with "fundemental Theme"

PS: I'm French, I translate my question

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
This sounds like you may have permissions set on this page so only users who are logged in can see. I checked the site out and I can not see the link either?

I can only see, 'A Propos', 'Test Blocs', 'Detente', 'Blog'...
laurentmaman replied on at Permalink Reply
Quest is a logged in user?
I thought if I do nothing in modifiais: "Permissions", automatically, the site would be visible to everyone.

Would I make a mistake?

He'll have to check it by viewing my site on the computer to someone else.

I have many questions regarding your new theme for me. Too bad there's no French to make us a complete tutorial of "fundemental Theme"

The block "Flex Video" break problem. (little or no explanation of this block)
How to use the retail areas.

For the French that I am, it's not obvious, then, I do not code, I always serves me what is native.

In any case, you answered me, it's something. I see that I can ask more questions in the future

Good day to you

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