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Hello. I would find it quite convenient to place research articles inside Tabs using the Tab block. However, it seems that the core Search block is unable to search content inside tabs. Is there any way of making tabbed content searchable?

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c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi, we can do this. It will be in the next version.
Dushka replied on at Permalink Reply
Excellent news. Thank you very much.
Dushka replied on at Permalink Reply
Working just fine. Thanks again.
csebe replied on at Permalink Reply

Is there somewhere a version history of your theme?

I am evaluating this theme and would be really interested to see if this issue was solved already in version 1.0.5. that I can see on the C5 site. If a version history would be somewhere I would of searched it to see if there is any release after Dushka asked this question, so without bothering you with this :)

c5hub replied on at Permalink Reply
There is a version history page, you will find this here: or by clicking the version history button on the marketplace page.

This issue has been addressed and is part of our next release, see my last reply to you in regards to release dates.
csebe replied on at Permalink Reply
Thanks here too!

Looking forward to the next version :)
Dushka replied on at Permalink Reply
One needs to remember that content in tabs and accordions will not rank as high in Google searches as content that is visible upon page load. See

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