• For titles use "intro-text text-center" class.
  • You can use all bootstrap css, javascripts please refer to:
  • There are 2 special page list template added especially used in blog type of pages. (check the demo)
  • Auto nav template (sidebar) added to be used in side bars
  • Dont forget to add "Site Name Mobile" stack for displaying site name in mobile devices.
  • in "Full" page type page name displayed as a title automatically. If you dont want to display page title use "Full no title"
  • to disable header navigation subnav dropdown, you need to edit elements/header-bottom.php file in line 48 $bt_main->controller->displaySubPageLevelsNum = '1';  to $bt_main->controller->displaySubPageLevelsNum = '0'; 
  • To add images to Global Curtain PageList you need to add "Global Curtain PageList Image" attribute from Page Settings >> Attributes