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Hi there. I'm seeking a refund of my HiViz license. I have tried several times to install this theme. Each time I get an error from my server saying that it has exceeded my memory limits. I do not wish to use this theme if it has a high memory overhead. Please refund the amount I paid. Tank you.

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1976Ltd replied on at Permalink Reply
I’m sorry to hear you’re having a hard time getting this working. The memory issues won't have anything to do with Hi-Vis however – the theme is very lean.

It's more likely to be a hosting issue. Please see this post for help on resolving memory issues:
berlintapes replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you. I understand that this isn't a problem of the theme, however I cannot afford to be using a hosting plan that will cover the overhead of HiViz. I am unable to use this theme with my current hosting. That's the reason I am seeking a refund. Thank you.
1976Ltd replied on at Permalink Reply
Can you tell me the exact error message you're getting please? Have you tried to add any other themes/add ons?

If your hosting is compatible with Concrete5 it will be compatible with Hi-Vis as the theme has no larger overhead than the default theme or other themes in the marketplace.

It seems more like you have either an installation issue with Concrete5 itself or a hosting setting that needs changing.
berlintapes replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you. I've had no problems with other themes. My website is now complete. I have had to build it quickly an I am not interested in changing themes again at this stage. I have not used your theme at all and that was why I was seeking a refund.
1976Ltd replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm sorry but it sounds more like you have decided you no longer need the theme, but unfortunately the refund policy does not cover that particular case. Here it is again for your convenience:
berlintapes replied on at Permalink Reply
I wanted to use the theme. I attempted to use it, but because of the amount of time it was taking and the speed at which I needed to get my project done, I had to go with a theme that worked in my situation. I'll mark this down as an expensive mistake.

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