Version History

**Please take care to make a back up of your website files and database before making updates.**

Version 1.0.5

Minor changes to header_top.php and footer.php (removed some deprecated code).

Minor change to content.xml (sample content file).

Minor change to portfolio.less to adjust styles for three column portfolio (modified description font size in certain browser widths)


Version 1.0.4

Added new page templates: Home V2, Full V2, Right Sidebar V2, Left Sidebar V2, Custom Layout. V2 page templates can be used if you wish to use a banner slider instead of a banner image.

Minor changes to documentation, miscellaneous.less, image_slider.less, and header_top.php to accomodate new page templates.


Version 1.0.3

Minor change to sample content (content.xml file) to make it more concrete5 version 8 friendly. No need to upgrade from v 1.0.2 as it only affects new installations with sample content. This version is v 5.7 and v 8 compatible.


Version 1.0.2

Sample content - removed extraneous attribute from content.xml

Topmenu.less - modified line 6 logo font-family


Version 1.0.1

Modified Juniper Button block form.php


Version 1.0.0

Released on concrete5 marketplace