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I found the spacing/padding on the home page was a bit odd, wrapping a 7 character h1 word when viewed on mobile. I wound the font size down a bit, but I think the issue is that there are quite a few incorrect uses of container/row/col in various files. For instance the header mainNav div has the row class attached to it, but it is not within a div.container.
the topHeader div has the container class, (but it's within the mainNav which is a row) but it then has a div with various col= classes.

The home page template homeMasthead div also has a row class, but then has a child div which uses container, but within that the Home Feature Text area specifies enableGridContainer() which means the surrounding container class is unnecessary and effectively nests containers, which the Bootstrap documentation prohibits. The accentArea div does the same thing.

On the whole it works OK, but you might want to review some of this - there may be errors elsewhere too. I've fixed the issue affecting me so there's no panic needed.

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