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Hi there, I seem to have a much deeper black header than on your demo, not sure why?
Also, how do i create the green and red buttons you have on your demo site please?
And also, I dont have the up and down arrows in the footer?


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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

creating the green and red buttons is pretty easy: you need to insert a link using the Content block. When you insert a link, you have a dialog with different options: link URL, target, etc. You only need to select "btn" from the "Class" dropdown (use "btn-success" for the green buttn and "btn-danger" for the red one).

The up and down arrows in the footer are only visible if you're not logged in.

As for the header color, not sure about it. If you send me a link to your site I can have a look.


deanhawthornthwaite replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordi,

Thanks so much for your reply, didn't realise it was that easy!
Ive cracked everything i need now i think except one thing....
Is there a way to adjust the font sizes please?
If i use design function they stop scaling when the browser window changes sizes, s assuming i have to edit code somewhere?
Thanks again for all your help.
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

yes, if you want the typography to be responsive, then you'll have to edit the theme files.

The file you need to edit should be located at /packages/theme_long_story_short/themes/long_story_short/typography.css

Simply change the "rem" values (for instance change "font-size:2.8rem;" to "font-size:1.8rem;" to make the paragraph text smaller)

hope this helps,

deanhawthornthwaite replied on at Permalink Reply
Your a star thanks again!
Typically I have yet another question.... sorry
Is it possible to link to the contact form block, using text inside a content link?
I want to be able to add 'click here' and it links to the block further down the page.
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

Try the following: insert a link as usual, and in the "Link URL" field paste this:

javascript:$.scrollTo("#slide4", 600);

(You'll need to replace "slide4" with the number of the slide you want to scroll to).

Hope this helps,

deanhawthornthwaite replied on at Permalink Reply
Jordi you dah man!
Worked like a dream, and you wouldn't believe how long i spent trying to figure that one out without disturbing you.

Just in case others read this, you need to use an actual slide number, so i.e. 'slide4', not the name you add to Custom Template/block name.
Cheers again, Dean

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