Compatibility with concrete5 8?

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Is the Long Story Short theme also compatible/available for C5 8?
I'm still at 5.6 at the moment and for a new project considering using your theme with 5.7, but I'm getting the advice to go the 8 right away. It is supposed to be better than 5.7?

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

yes, the theme is compatible with version 8.

The demo site is running on concrete5 version 8.5:
lottodesign replied on at Permalink Reply
Oke, nice work!

And how to go about the multiple pages options I see here:

How would I get that?

THNX Charlotte
lottodesign replied on at Permalink Reply
I just purchased the theme as een upgrade from the 5.6 version, for the discounted rate... but can't download it of find the purchase in my account.. is that just a matter of time... or did something went wrong?
jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

I'm not seeing your purchase either, so probably something went wrong.

Could you contact the concrete5 team directly and ask them about it?

As for the multi-page option, there is a "Site Nav" area in the header where you can add an "auto-nav" block to jump to the other pages.

Hope this helps,

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