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In a block 'content' =>design, if i choose "lightbox".
How to configure styles of the lightbox?
Headings, bodycolor, font,..?

Sorry for my bad english...


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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Hello Nico,

the "Ligtbox" template is a simple way to display the content of a "Content Block" in a lightbox.

This is how it works:

1. Add a Content block.

2. Edit the block and add your content (this is the content that will be displayed inside the lightbox).

3. Click on the block and select "Design & Custom Template". Then click on the Gear icon and select the "Lightbox" custom template.

4. If you want to add an image to the thumbnail, simply click on the block, select "Design & Custom Template" and choose a background image.

5. If you want to display a title/caption in the thumbnail, click on the block, select "Advanced" and enter the text in the "Block name" field.

6. To change the font color, family or size of the text inside the lightbox, go to Dashboard -> System & Settings -> Rich Text Editor. Make sure the following plugins are enabled: Font Family, Font Size and Font Color. Once these Redactor Plugins are enabled, you'll see new buttons in you editor to change the color and size of the Content Block text.

7. If you need to customize the design of the thumbnail, there are several classes you can override: .lightbox-enabled-block, .lightbox-enabled-block-wrapper, etc. For instance, to customize the thumbnail title use the following CSS class: .lightbox-enabled-block-title

Here is a demo with some examples:

Please let me know if you have any further questions,


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