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I have rebuilt the site with the latest C5, and I have noticed that the navbar in mobile is not a drop down menue like it use to be, could you tell me if it has a special template or something to improve its look?

You can test the site at

Thank you!

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jordif replied on at Permalink Reply

The navbar should collpase as usual in newer versions. Have you added the Slides Nav block to the Slides Nav area?

byvictoria replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordi,

I am using the navbar block, with an html block in Slide one with a custom
code you did for me, so the navbar would be in slide two and stick to the
browsers top when scrowling down.
This is the code:

$( window ).load(function() {
if (!$('html').hasClass('editing')) {
$('#slide2 .site-header').affix({
offset: {
top: function () {
if ( $('html').hasClass('ccm-toolbar-visible') ) {
return $('#slide2').offset().top - 59
} else {
return $('#slide2').offset().top - 10

Is there a class or anything I missing for the menu to become a square drop
down menu in mobile?

Thank you as always Jordi...

jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
I see, so this is very customized, that's why the dropdown is not working by default.

You can try this (not tested):

1) Add the following Custom Classes to the Auto-Nav block:

2) Add an HTML block next to the Auto-Nav block with the following code (this is the "burger" button that shows up on mobile):

<button type="button" class="navbar-toggle collapsed" data-toggle="collapse" data-target=".navbar-collapse" style="border-color: #777; z-index: 1200">
   <span class="sr-only">Toggle navigation</span>
   <span class="icon-bar" style="background-color:#333"></span>
   <span class="icon-bar" style="background-color:#333"></span>
   <span class="icon-bar" style="background-color:#333"></span>

Hope this helps!

byvictoria replied on at Permalink Reply
Hi Jordi!

Thanks a lot... It works almost flawless, the only detail is that the
burger button doesn´t align with the logo in the same row, is there a class
I could add to the logo image block that tells him to shrink until he
leaves room for the burger?

Anyway, it is only a nice to have feature, my site is functional without a
mobile menu.

Thanks again...

jordif replied on at Permalink Reply
Oh, i see! Can you try placing the HTML block with the burger button right before the logo?
byvictoria replied on at Permalink Reply
Thank you Jordif!

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