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I have purchased "paper mache" theme and have been testing it. I can't seem to make my images "hang" outside the central area the way it's supposed to work, according to the theme's advertisement. It is the feature that caught my attention after all.

I watched the video and got that part about the "pullleft" or right, but there is something that is making my images hide behind the backgroud paper image. Can somebody help? What am I doing wrong?

You can visit an example here:

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redbajio replied on at Permalink Reply
Everything's in perfect working order now. It was not a problem with the theme, but something I probably did wrong. I received the best customer support.
doub1ejack replied on at Permalink Reply
I'd also like to hear what I need to do to get this effect. Which video were you referring to?
doub1ejack replied on at Permalink Reply
Nevermind. I'm clearly not very familiar with C5 yet. The video is the one on this theme's home page. It's right there in high-contrast black, on the right just next to Demo and such.

Another note that wasn't in the video: Select an image in the wysiwyg and click the little image icon. If you go to the 'appearance' tab you can select 'pullright' or 'pullleft' from the class dropdown.

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