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Hi, please provide us with more information about the "Responsive" templates features.

-Are Google fonts fully supported? We'd like to use MavenPro. Can we use them/all?
-About round edges in sites background fields (banner/fields). Easy to edit round edges?
-When a link is clicked, a visible loading grafic (gif) could be useful. Possible to add this?
-What about picture slideshows, auto-flipping photos etc? In need for portfolios etc?
-Media in common? We'd like to integrate 1-2 videos. Possible? Round edges? Easy?
-Are colors all changeable in the navigation? We'd like to use a light white/grey style.
-Navigation header and drop-downs are plain color. Could these be transparent or grafics?
-On mobile screens, sub-items for navigation are centered left. We'd like centered middle.

Overall one of the best templates in the market from a user perspective. All smooth and
functional even on iOS devices. That's what we need, therefore we aks above questions.

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c5box replied on at Permalink Reply

Thank you for the great compliment. I'm always trying to improve my theme through client request but unfortunately, for now, most of the features you are looking for are not present through the admin user interface. But if you have bit of basic HTML/CSS coding knowledge, all of the features except for the slideshow and loading gif can easily be accomplished.

There might be an addon for the slideshow and loading giff.. not sure.

Adding google fonts can easily be done through editing the deafault preset less file.

The navigation colors can be changed through design customization in the admin settings page.

I hope I addressed all your concerns. Let me know if you need me to clarify anything else.

Regards and thanks,
NEONOON replied on at Permalink Reply 1 Attachment
Hi again, thanks for the quick reply and the given information. But let's get into details :-)

We see rounded corners in some content blocks, are these png grafics or vectors fields?
Actually the template (+rounded fields) pass the Google mobil test, which leads to vectors.
Rounded corners for content is something we'd prefer very much, but can't find here often.
Final question about it. Can we adjust the angle, if not directly via the interface could you
show us how to do it? We'd like to integrate these rounded options (if an option) quite a bit
into the whole design of the page.

Google fonts. Could you help us with google font integration after purchase? We'd like to
use a certain type. A "show while load" grafic would be great, it shurely depend on the
content which is loading and the server where the page is stored. The demopage/server
loads a bit slow, maybe it'll be faster when stored on an own server.

Many regards, we'd like to hear from you again. Great talking ..also great weather :-)


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