Version History

1.7- New navigation for mobile and tablets.

- Global improvements for best view on mobile devices.

1.6.1- Add a option to make footer global.

1.6- Remove the blender.css.php & T

1.5- Drastic improvement in loading speed

1.4- Fix dashboard design issue

- Add the capabilities to extend patterns png's

- Fix the thin shadow on header Fix a fatal error with defaultAttribute on c5.6.2 Remove a console.log that break the navigation on ie9

1.3.9- Fix the disabling of mobile detection

1.3.8   - Remove padding from .container to avoid lateral scroll

1.3.7- Allow the user to add a special stylesheet to root/css/silence/styles.css

1.3.6- Fix tha anchor appearance trough the theme

1.3.5- Add a option to disable the mobile detection

1.3.4- Fix the .row issue compatibility with C5.6

1.3.3- Add the package version into header

1.3.2- Fixed the navigation animation problem

1.3.1- Fixed the right sidebar page type Title problem

1.3- Improved display and navigation on mobile

- Add option 'hide search bar on mobile'

- Improved compatibility with easy_accordion

1.2.1- Remove the fixed mobile setting on autonav

1.2- Improvements of mobile template

- Fix the inability to save options

1.1- Add a mobile detection

- Change the nav into select on Mobile

- Fix some permissions problems

- Add sign-in link on the footer

1.0.2- fix the 5.4 incompatibility with Packges::getRelativePath()

1.0.1- Fix the imagecolorallocatealpha issue on some servers for body-color

1.0- Fix the body color double input.