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Review posted by adminEasy on at

Great Add-on especially if you are a Concrete5 Newbie

I have never penned a review, but hey I have to give credit where credit is due...

After searching for a Mobile Add-on that does what it says on the tin - I found this in Slate.

Within a hour of my purchase my mobile site was published. Ok I have a tweak or two to make, but these are issues with the Site Name logo and font sizing; but now mobile customers can see my site without a magnifying glass.

Keep up the good work
Response by c5mix on at
Thanks for the great review of Slate! I really appreciate it.

See the last paragraph in the "Adding Your Own Logo" section of the docs for your issue about the Site Name:
Review posted by tezza225 on at

Slate what can I say? This theme rocks!

Well after checking close to 20 different responsive themes so I can use one, this beauty rocked me. Clean, elegant and with the option of four different colour themes I was hooked.
Chris I love your work, this is the second theme I have purchased of you and I have no regrets whatsoever. Keep up the great work.
Review posted by kballinger on at

Best Theme after extensive research

After deciding to settle upon Concrete5 as my chosen framework, I then began my search for a good starting point to have a site ready to go (looking good and working well). I read reviews, checked demos, read authors notes and spoke to some friends who have experience with C5 and I consistently kept coming back to this Theme. I have not been disappointed, and importantly as a relative beginner I really appreciated the excellent knowledge base in the Slate forums and the quick (& helpful) direct responses to new questions.
I am about to make a second purchase for another project and although my specification is different I think I will be using Slate again.
Thoroughly recommended.
Review posted by HOBOcs on at

Best Theme on Concrete 5

I just wanted to say that this is the best theme going.
I've look at others when presenting to a user and we always come back to this one.
Great Job Chris - Much Appreciated!!!!
5 Thumbs up!!
Review posted by springer on at

excellent theme!

I downloaded Slate at the creator's suggestion that it handles mobile devices well. Once I installed it to my site, I found that it used all the information I already had in the previous theme, and presented it all in a perfect fashion. I didn't need to change a thing to have a site that looks better and performs faster than the original theme I had used. I also found that Slate looks great on phones and tablets, organizing the various items in a logical manner,without the overlaps and other problems the previous theme had created. Can't get any better than that!
Review posted by scrivener on at

Awesome theme!

Powerful, easy to use, and great support. Perfect combination.
Review posted by webadminfl on at

I only use Chris' themes & this one is great

After my “day job,” I volunteer with some non-profit organizations to set up their websites. I need themes that require very little support, are customizable, and still look fabulous. So I only use Chris’ themes. He never disappoints.

I started using Slate this week for the first time, and it is GREAT. I made several customizations with ease, thanks to the docs he provides and a personal request. With its responsive design, it is going to become my go-to site theme.

Many thanks for your excellence.
Review posted by Nomoreglitches on at


At the beginning I thought I should make some changes to optimize the layout according to own needs. After some weeks of running in circles I returned to the original..
Very pleased from the whole packet:

-Does what it promises
-Wide variety of page types and color customization options, minimizes code editing
-Nice page list templates
-Column .css makes custom layout development easy
-Excellent quick responsive support in the forum by the developer
-Nice mobile theme

Does not support multilingual option for the navigation menu but it is easy to edit in the header.php.

Five stars
Review posted by banditetr on at

the best for mobile and pc

What should I say – simple one of the best responsive designs ever. A lot of customization and a clean layout. The Best for mobile sites.
Review posted by kandih on at

So easy to customize with so many options

I am new to Concrete5 & Slate has helped make the transition even easier. It's so easy to customize and there are many options to get just what you want. The support is off the charts helpful.

Thanks for everything!
Review posted by CharismaBusiness on at

Landed my biggest client b/c of this theme!

This is one of my favorite themes in the marketplace. It just works with almost every website.

I have made over 20 c5 sites and a potential client saw one of my portfolio sites made from this theme and he wanted one just like it. It is just a GREAT theme. Well coded, easy to understand, perfect responsive flow...

No complaints from a very picky peron. :)
Review posted by adamc73 on at


This is the 2nd c5mix theme I've used and I'm really pleased with it. I'm not a c5 expert but so far it has proved to be a very easy theme to customise and it looks great. I haven't (yet) had to call on support but last time around Chris was prompt and very helpful with some of my basic questions.
Review posted by TimHNZ on at

Truly excellent!

I started as a complete C5 newbie and purchased this theme to develop my website. It installed flawlessly out of the box and was easy to tweak once I followed the documentation.

This was a port from Joomla, which, as much as I liked the huge range of add-ons was a nightmare to maintain and upgrade.

I had a couple of questions that were quickly answered and easily resolved.

I applied the recent update to the theme and this also went through with no issues and no impacts to my site.

Great theme and great support.
Review posted by angelas on at

What can I say.....totally Awesome!!!

Being new to C5 and website builds in general, I have found this theme to be very easy to work with. I have now built 5 sites using the Slate theme and every one has been changed - different layouts etc etc.
I recommend c5Mix in a heartbeat and have found him courteous, quick in his response and giving clear instructions on how to change something. Thanks c5Mix, happy with your assistance and instructions and can provide site details if you ever need them.
Your brilliant Chris!
Cheer, Angela
Review posted by BrettDashwood on at

Absolutely Brilliant!

Slate is an awesome looking theme that is easy to use and understand. I actually started modifying things at an HTML and CSS level before I realised that I could do so much directly from the C5 Dashboard interfaces.

...and to top it off, C5Mix is fantastic and clear with responses. Awesome Customer Service goes a long way in this industry and Chris has it down pat in my opinion. Thank you.
Review posted by bankras on at

No response

My expectations where not met as i installed this theme.
Perhaps my level and C5 knowledge are not enough for this theme.
Althoug i made succesfull C5 sites for clients, nevertheless this theme won't work for me. I asked for refund; well that is an closed route; no responds. So this theme may satisfy many; simple communication about refund is not possible; my advice; be sure before you make a choice
Update 30/8
I waited weeks for your 2e reply.
I simply changed to site name in the dashboard, but it keeps on showing it in the site.
Response by c5mix on at
I really do not appreciate you giving my theme a negative review for there not being anything wrong with it. The "problem" you had with the theme was wanting to change the logo in the header - which is just editing the Site Name stack. This is default concrete5 functionality and has nothing to do with the theme, which is why I said I would not refund your purchase. Not to mention you have lied saying that I have not responded to you. I have responded twice to the one thread you posted and I also responded to the single PM you sent me.
Review posted by bjalexander on at

I just used Slate again ...

And once again I was reminded what a great theme it is. For me, it's just the perfect starting place. The coding is all so logical and easy to follow. I'm happy while I'm working with it and never frustrated. Better than that, it makes my clients REALLY happy when they check their site for the first time on a smartphone. Slate is a winner.
Review posted by pmlmedia on at

Not so Flexible if you use the default slideshow block (you'll need to use flexslider or similar if you want a responsive slideshow)

I've had to use the FlexSlider add on to make my banners flexible because unless you're using static images in your banners, a huge gap appears under the slideshow block just using this theme straight 'out of the box'. I think flexslider should be built into this theme or better, it should be built into C5s default slideshow block!

I also think the H1 page name & breadcrumbs should be a custom bliock that can be easily edited/removed.

Otherwise very a nice clean layout...good work!
Response by c5mix on at
I don't understand why you've given Slate a 3 star rating (the only non 5 star rating by the way) for an issue with a core concrete5 block and not the theme itself. That just doesn't make sense to me. FYI, there's plenty of responsive sliders in the marketplace that you could use instead of the default slideshow block.
Review posted by sinasan on at

well worth the price

a simple yet elegant, clean theme that is both versatile and easy to handle for a beginner
Review posted by Scanpers on at

One off the best themes on Concrete.

I absolutely love Slate. Great theme, great support, really easy to configure. Have used Slate to build sits for a number of different businesses, and they all love it! Keep up the good work.
Review posted by kencrete on at

Purchased the $99 package - wanted the slate theme but couldn't argue with the price for the rest!

I am an absolute newbie to CMS - don't know how to write code (but would like to learn - if I live long enough) - know what it looks like when I see it though. But I have to say that so far Concrete5 and the Slate theme have not been too hard to install and learn to manipulate. I even set up C5mix featured product slider yesterday without so much as a hiccup. I'm still learning and pleased to say I'm 100% satisfied with the product. My web site is still in the building stage and I have to add eCommerce to it yet and finalize the design but I'm very happy with the way it looks and can't wait to go live and show the world my store. Thanks for a great product. Ken
Review posted by lilu on at

A very good theme, and a very good choice!

After the research about my style-site,I found Slate, and I have to say it's a magnificent solution, and it's a pleasure work with this theme.

I love it!!
Review posted by steventhoffman on at

Worth every penny!

There's a reason why this is one of the highest rated theme in the marketplace. The code is clean and very well commented. All the layouts you'll ever need built in. Simple background switching/expanding.

I was having an initial compatibility issue with sortable-galley-box, and the suggested 'comment out jQuery in fancybox' did work, but I took a different approach and chose to run a conditional statement in Slate's header which would diable Slate's call to jQuery if the current page was 'Gallery'. Since, I switched to Deluxe-Image-Gallery and no workaround was needed.

Slate works perfectly and makes a great starting point for any project. Thanks
Review posted by allcomm21 on at

Slate looks great and is easy to customize

This is a very functional, nice looking theme, with an attractive, modern mobile format. It's easy to customize, even going into the files, because the developer anticipated so many of the changes you may need to make and has a ready explanation of exactly how to do it. And when I couldn't figure it out, Mike responded quickly to help. I'm extremely pleased with the theme and the service!
Review posted by abarclay on at

Slate was a great choice.

I love this template. You get a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization. There is a page type for every need. While the layouts are great I've been really happy with the responsiveness of the developer and the supportive community. As a newcomer to PHP and CSS I've really been able to learn a lot about coding through their support and through making adjustments on the website. It has all been really helpful and I'm extremely pleased with my purchase.
Review posted by Hoopergraphics on at

Slate Theme Versatile and straightforward

The Slate theme is no nonsense and easy to use. It is the first time I have used it and will be using it again. Highly recommended.
Review posted by Malko on at

Perfect theme and excellent bundles!

very nice, easy, useful and clean! whats more?! ;)
Review posted by JRTaylorMusic on at

Elegant & Versatile with Outstanding Support!

I have already used this theme on several projects and it's hard to find a reason to use anything else because of it's versatility and classy stylesheet. Additionally, c5mix provides the best support I've seen and is always prompt and friendly (even when answering the same question repeatedly). I highly recommend all of his stuff (check out the c5mix Bundle!) and especially Slate!
Review posted by jasejman2000 on at


Very easy to use. Even for a learner like me. Code is well commented. Bought this as part of a pack. Very happy :-) Thumbs up from me.
Review posted by ezont on at


A very clear code easy to understand and adapt. Best template that I know so far.
Review posted by baysmedia on at


Best theme I've worked with to date. I had to tinker with the header.php to get my logo to span the full width, but otherwise this theme has proved perfect for an array of sites which I've been working on.

Very pleased with this theme, and the different skins are great too.

I'm only disappointed that I bought the single license for this theme before I saw the $99 deal (which provides 1000 licenses for this theme, plus a few others and a couple of add-ons - making it a steal for the price!), which I have now purchased.
Review posted by jfederer on at

A real bargain

I couldn't believe the reasonable price for this excellent product. I have now used it on several sites. It is versatile, clean, and very well coded. The documentation is informative and accurate. Chris was very responsive with my one question about eCommerce compatibility. Although I haven't used the alternate skins, it's nice to know they are available. This theme has helped me learn Concrete5's way of doing things with the clean code and just the fact that everything works as it should. Great job Chris!
Review posted by lacomto on at

Excellent Template

I decided immediately for this template. The design is exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Review posted by gushbottega on at

Top Quality Template with Amazing Tech Support!

I was torn between buying two templates until I saw the quick response and support that was offered with the Slate theme. Being new to Concrete 5, I knew I would have a lot of questions so having a strong support system was important to me. C5Mix has been beyond patient with me, answering all my questions thoroughly and accurately. I will use this template again and again not only because it is easy to manipulate and change according to my design, but most of all because of C5Mix. Thank you so much!
Review posted by yawarra on at

Deceptively simple, robust and well constructed

I am new to Concrete5, and am in the process of converting our old website over.

I must have looked through 40 to 50 themes before I decided on Slate, and it was a good decision. I liked the simple, clean look and figured that the large number of page designs would make it a great theme to learn from, and I was right.

I have now made a number of customisations to the theme, and found it to be well coded, easy to modify and robust.

And Chris is very responsive with support as well.

Thank you!
Review posted by victorchatue2 on at

i assigned a my one license to the wrong site

please i need the archives of this theme, how do i get back the archives since my one license was mistakenly used. please help
Response by c5mix on at
Review posted by diorist on at

Flexible and lovely

I selected Slate for my first Concrete5 site, and I couldn't be happier with it. The theme design is beautiful, the code is elegant, and the css is well organized and constructed.

As a content framework, Slate has plenty of flexibility and offers a great foundation for building a site that structurally diverse, but still visually integral. Rich built-in features, such as suckerfish menus, save much time on the development side. If you do decide to customize the core, the php is very easy to work with.

Great template. No reservations.
Review posted by armidale on at

slate theme

fantastic, easy to use and looks faboulus on an iphone.
Highly recommeded buy. i am a beginner and found this theme really easy to use.
geoff, australia
Review posted by weatherfeller on at

Stunning Theme with good documentation

I ogled this theme for quite some time wondering if I should take the plunge and buy it. Previously I had tried playing around with free themes but none of them really suited my fancy. Once I started working in earnest on a makeover for a non-profit website I decided it was worth paying for a good theme.

My goodness this thing is marvelously done! The code is clean and the documentation is fantastic. As most of you probably know by now, there are quite a few paid add-ons in the Marketplace that have zero documentation and require a lot of hair-pulling to figure out. Slate comes with a lot of great documentation and a snazzy Live-Demo that I've learned a lot from. I've also found a number of my questions already answered in the forum b/c the developer actually responds to questions. Imagine that!

In summary, this is well worth the price. It gave me an awesome starting point and has been easy to customize. Well done, Sir!
Review posted by SicaMedia on at

Awesome Theme.

It's a awesome theme. Works perfect, and the support is fast and very helpful.
Review posted by chassa2556 on at

Great piece of design and beautifully coded

I don't often write reviews due to time constraints but I've got to say that this is by far the best theme I have used. I have my own design that I've managed to integrate into this theme very easily. The code is laid out very well and the typography is second to none. More of the same please well done!!
Review posted by aazide on at

Great theme, superb developer.

The slate theme is great, and I was able to adjust it to fit my needs. The documentation and support pages were extremely helpful, as I was new to C5 when I started this project. The developer was super helpful and quick. Thank you very much.
Review posted by bottlefedbaby on at

Clean, Professional and exceptionally versatile

Love the flexibility of this theme!
Love the numerous layouts and customization options, and the fact there is plenty of support documentation
Fastastic theme for V5.5
Review posted by bjalexander on at

A Valentine's Day +1 love note

I have been through (and used) a bunch of Concrete5 themes. Many were really terrific. But, this one is far superior to anything else I've used. The site I'm designing has a complicated way of displaying info, and every time I think I'm going to be in trouble, there is a way to accomplish the task with what has been provided. The files are organized beautifully. This is an A+ theme and a real pleasure to use.
Review posted by Scanpers on at

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

What a theme:) I have setup 6 websites using C5. And I was using all sorts of themes. But, I have never worked with a theme like this. Honestly, it has it all! Look now further. This is the only theme you need. And as a bonus, they offer really great support.
I`ll definitely be using Slate on several sites.
Review posted by snowboyd on at

Great theme that doesn't require any expertise to modify

I'm really pleased with this theme. Out of the box it has plenty of page layouts so its easy to find one that suits your site. The way the site wraps for mobile devices is excellent
Review posted by JadedPerson on at

Fast, simple, versatile.

I chose this because it is simple so that tweaking it doesn't involve removing lots of stuff first. The best bit was when I logged in on my phone and saw the way the layouts dealt with the smaller screen.
Too bad I'd bought one copy before the bundle caught my eye, to be honest, the bundle is a must have opportunity!
Review posted by charbee on at

Excellent Template

This is an awesome template, with a ton of extras. Support is also excellent. Glad I chose Slate as my template.
Review posted by gcoreadmin on at

Awesome experience

I am so glad that i used this template for my very first website. The color scheme and design is simple yet elegant, which made me look great in the eyes of my friends.
Review posted by jetset on at

Great theme

As a novice I've found this theme has done everything I wanted and more as my knowledge has improved. To anyone starting out on C5 I recommend slate as your first purchase.
Review posted by Thordan on at

Clean, elegant and great support

Very well done theme that also scales nicely in the more and more dominating mobile world. Good documentation and responsive and excellent support. Thanks Chris!
Review posted by agpate on at

Clean, simple and mobile friendly

I really like this theme. It's crisp, clean and simple and plays nice with mobile devices. There have been a number of compliments about the design of the site since I started using this theme and that says it all!
Review posted by notzen on at

something that made it special


Yes guys , the theme is really good but the real fact is that finally I got what I need in a clear and precise way about how to modify and adapt the theme.
Review posted by gisa on at

Great theme with fast support

I like slate theme you can do whatever you want with this theme very easy to use one of the best theme for C5. His support is fast.I appreciate his kind support and time he spent to teach me how to use C5 and also fix problems I had with installation theme and etc. I recommend C5mix for every one especially for those new with C5

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