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First of all sorry for my bad English.. I’m Italian (Michele from Rome)

I’ve bought supermint yesterday and I like it very much… and think to rebuild all my sites with C5 and supermint
But I’m a newbie… and have two (probably stupid) questions:

a) I need in Top of all pages a logo picture (and used therefore the “sitewide logo”).. but when I browse the site from mobile (I like it !!) I wish not to see the Logo picture ( as it happens coorectly with horizontal menubar…) because on the mobile menu I have set the logo image as documentation suggested using stack.. How can I archive it ?

b) The footer area gives me some problems.. I wish to have only 1 column (common on all pages) where to add a block.. but I cant’ figure out how to hide all sections below “Sitewide footer xx”

Can you please help me ?

My test site is on .. if you need I can provide you with administration credentials

Thank you so much in advance

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sebastienj replied on at Permalink Reply
I'm so sorry for the late !
Did you need some help ?

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