Sweetheart Theme

This sweet, feminine theme would be great for:

  • Pet Salon
  • Kid / Family related websites
  • Schools
  • Local PTA/PTSO/HSA
  • Mom / Dad / Family blogs
  • and so much more!!! 

So What Do You Get With Sweetheart?


  • Extensive customizable in theme options that allow you to easily change the color of various elements of your site (NO coding required).
  • Multiple flexible page types to really help you achieve the layout you desire.
  • Beautiful page elements
  • Cool hover effect on clickable images (no coding or doing anything "special")
  • Great fonts included and automatically applied to the theme (no Arial, etc here!)
  • Site name comes in a cool, clickable font.
  • Added bonus... Theme matching twitter and facebook icons!
  • Integrated horizontal site navigation
  • Google Web Fonts integration for headings in main body and navigation menu - if browser is not supported, the headings gracefully degrate to regular text.


Approved by PRB

Our 30 Day Support Policy

  • Replies to tickets every few days.

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