Version History


* Developers: registering assets in package's controller.php file;
* Developers: refactored "save" method a bit, to leave values empty upon having an "End" panel;
* Developers: validate function returning slightly different textual message for "Alphabetical" characters;
* Developers: removed deprecated Core::make usages;
* Developers: always require the jQuery asset, since the Add-On uses jQuery;


* Set default values (null) for form fields, upon adding new Awesome Tabs blocks (needed when "Consider warnings as errors" is enabled);


* Allowed extra keyboard functionality to ID fields (delete, backspace, arrow left, arrow right);
* Tab ID to be entered first in the form, then the Panel ID (since for starting panels, the Tab ID is leading);


* Unminified CSS files;
* Changed error message text when entering same values for Panel ID and Tab ID;
* Added missing Block Type icons;
* Developers: moved some code from the Block's view.php to the controller.php file, to make the view.php file a bit cleaner;
* Developers: escaped (htmlspecialchars) classes one can add to the tabs, to protect against hackers;


* Set "Ignore Page Theme Grid Framework Container" to the value "false" for the Block Types, otherwise a container would be wrapped about the tabs, which would cause the tabs not to function at all;


* Initial Release