Version History - Compatibility with php7.2. - Added ability to backup data from some broken packages and log warnings where such broken packages are detected. - Fix issue with backward compatibility of Configuration page to concrete 5.4.x - Updated Danish translation

2.3.5 - Fix issue with backing up /config/ directory on some installations.

2.3.4 - Version number update to comply with new marketplace linter.

2.3.3 - Provides config constants to exclude file paths/names containing or ending with specified strings.

2.3.2 - Additional archive file types added to root folder exclusion list.

2.3.1 - Fix lingering popover bug in the database configuration dialog. Add non-zip archive extensions to root exclusion.

2.3 - Directories not part of concrete5 located in the site root are now left out of backups by default, with an option to include them for those who want to. Also an option to include zip files located in the site root, usually excluded because they are likely to be installation zips that have not been cleared up.

2.2.1 - Adds a workaround to minimise the effect of a bug in the c5 queueable jobs system. Ghost execution of queuable Jobs

2.2 - Support for queueable jobs in c5.6.2+ - Improve robustness against database inconsistencies for package objects.

2.1 - Extended table selection. Updated translations.

2.0 - Many new features: Adapt backup analysis. Clearer advanced configuration. Monster big files. Incremental backup. Backup manifest. Alternate zip implementations. Files pass aggregation. Partial maintenance mode. (Point release to follow soon with updated translation).

1.0.7 - Update to languages

1.0.6 - Refinement of translation independence for backup reports

1.0.5 - Makes assessment of backup reports independent of translation.

1.0.4 - Correction to error reporting propagated from case sensitivity integration.

1.0.3 - Improves error reporting for errors propagated from within the pclzip library.

1.0.2 - Added Danish translation by Michael Jensen-Maar / Concrete5 Denmark

1.0.1 - Resolves interleaving issue arising from some php versions/installations.

1.0 - First release