Version History

1.2.14 - Fixed title and description placement in the light box.

1.2.13 - Fixed width calculation for images that have different dimension. - Prevented spacing override from other CSS.

1.2.12 - Fixed the alignment of the caption for vertical carousels.

1.2.11 - Fix for description with quotes and height calculation of items.

1.2.10 - Improved description positioning for long texts.

1.2.9 - Added support for description position.

1.2.8 - Bug fix for the alignment on description on horizontal and vertical carousel.

1.2.7 - Fixed height calculation for irregular image sizes which causes error on Safari.

1.2.6 - Wrapped Image and Description inside the link.

- Added improvements on the block interface.

1.2.5 - Bug fix for description alignment on IE.

1.2.4 - Added option to open links in a new window/tab.

1.2.3 - Modified img title and alt to contain the title and description respectively which helps in SEO.

1.2.2 - Fixed HTML validity

1.2.1 - Added option to display title/description on Carousel.

1.2 - Added support for lightbox.

1.1 - Added support for ordering images.

1.0 - Initial Release