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I am in desperate need of an event add-on that will allow registered users to RSVP to an event. I would also like to see all users that have RSVP'd and said they will attend, be displayed in a list of attendees on the event page. In my ideal scenario, all the events the user has attended and has signed up to attend, would be displayed on their user profile as well. I am willing to pay for such a customization. Does this sound like something you would be willing to tackle?

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IceManSpy replied on at Permalink Reply

Yes, I thought about registering user for event, but currently I'm working on another project, so I don't have enough time to implement this :(

But, if you ask me about this feature, could you explain more details, how should work this feature ?
I mean, that how user can register for this ? Specjal form or login via Concrete 5 ?

You can send me specification via PM or here.

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