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Under options, you can opt to display download links and also send notification email to the sender. Both boxes must be checked to send an email w/ a download link. The problem is that it also ends up displaying a download link on the form page after the user enters the form information and hits the submit button. If you only check send notification email to the sender, no download link is displayed. We only want the download link to appear in the email message to confirm that we have gotten a good email address...not on the page when the message is displayed when the form is completed . How do we do this with the form plus setup?

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BlueFractals replied on at Permalink Reply

This cannot be done through the setup. You will need to disable a line of code that displays the download link in the view.php file that is located inside the add-on's "blocks" directory.

Btw, it looks like you purchased a license for the add-on for 5.6 version but you've posted this under the 5.7 version. Please note that the old version of FormPlus is no longer supported and it is highly recommended to use an improved version for 5.7.

This issue was fixed on the add-on for 5.7.

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