The On-Page SEO Panel

  1. Open the panel by clicking the 'Page SEO' button in the sitebar at the top
  2. Review SEO errors by clicking on the item in the sidebar
  3. A description of the error and ideas for fixing it will be shown. Some items can be updated by clicking the wrench icon next to them.

Search Engine Snippet

You can see an example of what your site might look like in search engines by clicking the Binoculars icon at the top of the SEO panel.

Sidebar Display

You can swap between displaying the SEO panel in sidebar or overlay mode. Depending on your site's theme, one may be better suited than the other.


You can access the dashboard settings by clicking on the Gear icon at the top of the SEO panel.

Dashboard Settings

You can update sitewide SEO settings from the dashboard page, such as:

  • Author and publisher attribution
  • Showing canonical URL meta-data
  • Showing OpenGraph and/or TwitterCard meta-data
  • Setup Google Analytics to not track users who may access the SEO panel. This assumes that the people who can use the SEO panel are 'admins' and shouldn't be tracked on GA.
  • HTTP Authentication for sites behind a firewall

Pagination Canonical URLs

If you experience issues with canonical URLs not working in pagination:

  • c5.5: You need to copy the file from {root}/packages/skybluesofa_seo/libraries/overwrites/ to {root}/libraries
  • c5.6: Make sure you clear the 'overrides' cache and that you have not overwritten the ItemList object.

Still not working?

Your code might not be using the ItemList::displayPaging or ItemList::displayPagingV2 methods. Look for some code like:

<div class="pagination">
<span class="pageLeft"><?php  echo $paginator->getPrevious(t('Previous'))?></span>
<?php  echo $paginator->getPages()?>
<span class="pageRight"><?php  echo $paginator->getNext(t('Next'))?></span>

and replace it with:

$myList = $productList; //or $pageList, $userList, etc.