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SEO Analyzer PRO


This addon is no longer supported, and unavailable for download.


Gain a competitive edge!

SEO Analyzer PRO is a suite of 16 useful SEO analytics tools, to help you compete! Simply install and use!

Divided into four types, here is a breakdown of all the tools:

  • SEO Analyzers
    • SEO Analyzer - Learn more here.
    • SEO Report - Get a "report card" of the seo data for any URL.
    • PageRank Checker - Get the current Google PageRank for any given URL.
    • Links Analysis - Analyze the links on any web page.
    • Backlinks Analysis - Analyze the backlinks for any web page.
  • Competition Analyzers
    • Competition Comparison - Compare up to 3 URLs and see which has the highest score based on backlinks and PageRank.
    • Competition Meter - Use any set of keywords to analyze your overall competition.
  • Tools & Research
    • Keyword Generator - Generate keywords and phrases based on Google Suggestions.
    • Keyword Cleaner - Get rid of duplicate keywords and generate a "safe" keyword list.
    • Meta Tag Generator - Create valid meta tags for your site.
    • Email Obfuscator - Generate code to protect your email.
    • Robots.txt Builder - A tool to help you build your Robots.txt file.
  • Advanced Analyzers
    • Spider Preview - See how a "spider" (web crawler) views a page.
    • Website Speed Test - See how quickly any URL loads.
    • Header Checker - View a page header as a search engine would see it.
    • Mobile Compatibility Test - Preview your site for a variety of mobile screen sizes.
    • Source Code Viewer - View the source code for any web page.


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