Sending messages via Slife is easy.

1. Using the Facade:

use Slife\Support\Facade\Slife;

Slife::send('This is a test message!');
Slife::send('Using a webhook handle', ['default']);

2. Using a custom payload:

use Concrete\Core\Support\Facade\Application;
use Slife\Payload;

// Get the Application container
$app = Application::getFacadeApplication();

// Get a Slife instance
$slife = $app->make('slife');

// Create a custom Slack message
$payload = $app->make(Payload::class, [
    'channel' => '#random',
    'username' => 'Concrete5',
    'text' => 'Hello?',

// Send the message to Slack

If you want to build a Slife extension, the following code may help you:

$em = $this->app->make('Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager');

// Create an event
$event = new\Slife\Entity\Event;

// Save the event

// Create a placeholder
$placeholder = new\Slife\Entity\Placeholder;

// Save the placeholder

// Create message
$message = new\Slife\Entity\Message;
$message->setMessage('This is a test');

// Save message

Please send a support ticket if you need further help.