What is a webhook?
A webhook is a simple way to send messages across the web.
For example to send a message from concrete5 to Slack.

How do I set up a webhook in Slack?
See https://slack.com/apps/A0F7XDUAZ-incoming-webhooks

What is a message?
In Slife, you can set up a message per event. A message contains of a text that will be send to Slack. You can customize the text and depending on the event you chose, you can add variables in the text. We call those variables 'placeholders'.

Can you give an example of a message?
Yes. E.g. if a page is added in concrete5, we use the event "on_page_type_publish". An example of the message to Slack can be "User 'John Doe' added page 'Contact'."

Why would you want to receive messages from C5 in Slack?
For many people, Slack is used throughout the day. It is often used as a portal to other software, e.g. Github, a CRM, etc. To get an idea of what is possible and to see other non-Slife related integrations, please visit https://slack.com/apps.

Why is this a paid add-on?
It took a week to build Slife. In addition to Slife, we've build integrations that you can install for free.

Which integrations are available?
Currently we are working on 'Slife C5 Events', which hooks into several useful concrete5 events. The source code is available on https://github.com/a3020/slife_c5_events.

Can I integrate Slife in my own code?
Absolutely. For example this sends out a message to Slack:

\Slife\Support\Facade\Slife::send('Test notification via Slife');

To read more about this, go to the developers section.

Why is Slife not available for concrete5 5.7.x and < 8.2?
We want to make use of code improvements that have been introduced in v8 and v8.2. We also want to discourage people for using older concrete5 versions. If this isn't an option for you, you can download the addon, and make it 5.7.x compatible. This won't take much time if you are familiar with concrete5 and cURL. Please note that we only handle support for version 8.2 and up.