Version History


  • Updating all translation templates to include newer strings.
  • Updating to use akamai backed URLs
  • Updated German translation (thanks janwidmer)


  • Added Polish translation (thanks Andrzej Grafiki)


  • Adding pkgID to discount type add function sql statement.
  • Made order export honor current filters & sorting


  • Discounts will work without specifying a timeframe
  • product inventory fix
  • flat rate shipping fix
  • edit cart on checkout step will not break the price of your cart.


  • Disabled and expired discounts do not impede checkout
  • "Show search results" option changed to "Show products" option for product list
  • "customer choice price: text" doesn't allow users to enter negative values
  • "customer choice price: select" no longer does "double minus" for negative values
  • attributes fit on the product form when adding / editing products
  • add / edit product form includes defaults for "allow negative quantity" and "require login"



  • deleting products while someone has an order active does not break an active cart.
  • product specific discount calculates based on customer choices.
  • duplicating a product retains global customer choice.
  • "minimum order amount" is based off of the products selected during shopping, not cart value.
  • "place order again" calculates product options.
  • advanced search displays set order and attributes correctly.
  • improved trapping of SIM method success & failure response codes.




  • replaced a nested if statement with an and
  • groups refreshed on visiting "finish checkout" page. For payment methods where payment completes off-site, group membership changes were not recognized because the user does not have an active session. Revisiting the site after checkout will check groups now.
  • corrects receipt email bug where customer choices were not being included
  • manually set currency symbols can have spaces
  • editing a product price select adjustment no longer unbinds the attribute form.


  •  corrected issue with email attribute display
  • use order email for guests checking out with paypal
  • fixed product list sorting on paginated lists
  • 5.6 compatiblity wishlist page permissions
  • Changes to appearance on currency page, store home, and order detail page.
  • Addressed issue when adding new products to product sets throwing an error due to empty display order array.
  • including sales tax event
  • Attributes no longer accumulate duplicates on order emails and receipts.
  • changing order dates to date time of order completion rather than order start for more accurate order dates.
  • selecting a product for "product specific discount" works
  • Added language to product edit page reminding users that adding users to group upon purchase requires login / registration
  • Use trash when deleting product pages if available.


  • visual updates for concrete 5.6+ core.
  • errors on registry and wishlist pages corrected
  • editing a product no longer changes set order
  • existing syntax error in checkout single pages was not letting overrides work
  • excluded /cart and /checkout from nav on install


  • standard gateway updated to be compatible with new IPN requirements.
  • checkout pages are more easily overridden for German ecommerce rules


  • orders are searchable in dashboard
  • "cart" and "checkout" pages are hidden from nav on install
  • added helpful errors for deleted shipping methods.
  • added "show all inventory" in product list block
  • changed "status incomplete" value to prevent errors in some databases
  • "plain" template "sort by" dropdowns work
  • taxes that use a product set now save the set correctly
  • when all shippable products are removed from an order, the shipping disappears.
  • AIM credit card method lets users use a 'slash' for the expiry date.
  • No way to buy a product that places a user in the Administrators group
  • Addressed concerns of cross site scripting by using form helper instead of adding raw $_REQUEST vars.
  • Added German language support.
  • Removed deprecated eregi in paypal gateway
  • Deleted payment gateways can be restored.
  • configurable options display the name of the key and not just the values in receipts and order summaries


  • prevented header errors from current order model
  • loaded current order model in cart links on_start method


  • added permissions check to "add to group on purchase" checkboxes in product edit pane and search controller.
  • no more error in the "results per page" part of the "Results Layout" tab in product list block.
  • fix for the cart links block product count not persisting between page loads.


  • moved get current cart into on_page_view method of cart links to avoid possibility of set_cookie causing header output warnings
  • Deleting a product group will not force people to login to buy products that would add them to the group that no longer exists.
  • Corrected where some strings were missing translation
  • Corrected the order of quantity unlimited / minimum purchase / allow negative quantity settings on adding a product


  • Products can have negative quantity
  • Product List Block respects page permissions.
  • Product descriptions are searchable content.
  • Payment methods can be deleted
  • Improved dashboard search options
  • Dashboard product search "Products in no sets" returns products that are not in a set
  • Added new "Add to cart" event
  • Added new "Payment incomplete" status for orders where a gateway transaction has been initiated, but not completed.
  • Loading jquery.ui in the header for product list block so date picker as customer choice works properly.
  • Added 'Products under parent page' to product list
  • Included "optional" help note for sales tax zip code.
  • Fix iOS product image hover issue
  • Use dashboard setting to go back to shopping rather than history.go(-1)


  • Changing product set name when there are no products in the set does not throw an error.
  • Product set delete works again
  • Added shipping method fail messages


  • Product list block does not error when saved.
  • Fixed issue with product block not adding it's content to the search index correctly.
  • Corrected order export to not shift the row when there is no shipping information and it will say "none" when there is no shipping.


  • Fixed issue where sales tax was always charging whatever the most recently modified tax was.
  • Fixed product picker dialog
  • products now retain sets when they're copied
  • made product list block usable in page defaults, stacks & global areas by correctly grabbing the current page's id.


  • upgraded for compatibility with concrete5.5
  • Much improved interface
  • Added wishlists and gift registries (beta)
  • integrated with internationalization (v1.1+) package
  • uses Zend Currency for price formatting
  • Added support for concrete5.5's pre-install form (allows users to specify whether they want sample content or not.)
  • fixed sales tax bug where tax amount would be calculated wrong when tax was set to be included in price
  • Added ability to save shipping + billing details to profile during checkout
  • Fixed bug where certain discounts would trigger error messages when used with concrete5 5.4.2
  • Added Dutch language


  • Fixed sales tax so that it computes after discount. If there are a mix of products that require sales tax then we draw discounts from those products first
  • Fixed method $product->isSoldOut() which had returned incorrect data
  • Typo fix ("transation")



  • Fixed error on checkout when multiple shipping methods are enabled.


  • More mis-nested DIV bug fixes


  • Fixed bug with the plain product list template having mis-nested DIVs (leading to them being unclosed in certain situations)


  • Fixed bug in product-specific discount where tiered pricing wasn't being taken into account.


  • Fixing bug in the product list block where pages weren't properly linked.


  • Fixing error in tiered pricing where price tiers would round to the nearest whole dollar/currency amount
  • Product list CSS tweak for plain yogurt theme fix.


  • Fixing bug where additional billing attributes weren't being copied over when using billing attributes as shipping attributes


  • Product Sets
  • My Order History in Profile (if public profiles are enabled.)
  • Tiered/volume pricing by product
  • Export Orders from dashboard
  • Global customer choices are now available. Choose whether customer choices are shared across products
  • Print Order in dashboard + my account
  • New Discount: by product(s) and product set
  • New Discount: by user/group
  • SSL on first checkout screen.
  • Ordering of displayable properties in product and product list block
  • Duplicate previous order fromorder history page
  • Minimum Order Value/Minimum Order Quantity options now available
  • Flag for hiding product if no inventory or at minimum qty (from product lists)
  • Better support for multiple instances of the product list block on one page
  • Currency symbol position configurable
  • Sequential, formatable order numbers
  • Fixed bug where product Shipping Required after removing from cart (bug)
  • Gracefully create account on checkout
  • Registration required + add  user to group on checkout
  • Product attributes are now sortable in the dashboard
  • Fixed product Price Checkbox - negative price bug
  • Product List - search by price
  • Experimental CSS formatable product list, product detail templates



  • Improved back to shopping link for ie/non-dialog cart view


  • Added French translation

  • Changed order total comparison code for paypal payment standard and added additional logging for debugging of paypal IPN return values.


  • Fixed PHP error about getPackageID() on a non-object that would happen if you attempted to install eCommerce on a site with no "full" page type.


  • Added missing css class to return to shopping button
  • added option to paypal payments standard to pass shipping or billing address


  • Fixed error that would occur when a new free shipping discount was added when there were no shipping methods enabled.


  • Fixed error where timed discount codes would not expire or activate properly, changed dashboard entry form to respect the user's timezone if it's set.
  • Fixed error where product price select customer choices would error upon editing them in the dashboard

  • 1.8.1 accidentally disabled the popup cart. Now fixed.


  • Sales tax dropdown is no longer disabled when an item isn't shippable.
  • fixing bug in CheckoutStepHelper::removeStep
  • Fixing bug in SIM where certain orders wouldn't be set to authorized after returning from the payment gateway.
  • Fix bug in checkout where items with zero price and product price adjustment would sometimes have double the amount when checking out.


  • You may now choose whether sales tax is applied to shipping on checkout (Thanks Ryan Freeman!)
  • Fixed issue where products with apostrophes in them didn't work with the product block.
  • any attribute type with a type handle containing: 'product_price_adjustment_' will modify a product's price with it's getPriceValue function
  • Translation fixes
  • More resilient product list block when the product list relies on attributes that have been removed.
  • Made the checkout and cart links block coexist better.
  • Tweaks to paypal payment gateway to disable changing of addresses after submitting to paypal.
  • Better handling of retrieval of the previous order when the previous order doesn't actually exist.
  • Made delete_small.png hosted by core commerce to get rid of SSL errors.


  • Fixed issue with Paypal payment gateway posting back multiple times, leading to multiple receipt emails
  • Fixed issue with digital downloads add-on and gateways other than the default gateway - Tightened secure in
  • Lots of fixes in checkout flow, additional checkout step helper, lots of small bug fixes


  • Fixed a JavaScript error that occurred on checkout in IE and other browsers with JavaScript turned off 
  •  Wrapped strings in t() function that weren't properly prepared for translation.


  • Fixed errors that occured when editing the default Product Detail page type, fixed html error in product detail.



  • Added three new attribute types (boolean, text, select) that allow modification of product price
  • Made it so that order attributes can be required or non-required on checkout (through the eCommerce -> Settings -> Order Attributes) page.
  • Made the thousands separator and decimal point something that  can be changed in the same area of the dashboard as the currency symbol.
  • Added missing div tags to payment method page
  • Product Block, Product List Block: Added ability to specify size and what image is used for in-page, overlay and callout display
  • Fixed error that occurred when using sales tax and your system doesn't support fnmatch()
  • Fixed the product page creation when using concrete 5.4.
  • Fixed callout corner presentation on Safari, webkit browsers


  • Product name at time of purchase should be shown in the orders view (no longer will it be tied to the product as it is today)
  • Deleted Products no longer cause errors in orders view



  • Fixed bug in the checkout process that occurred occasionally with order attributes mistakenly being treated as user attributes.


  • Fixed a bug in sales tax that led it to not recompute when an item was added to the cart


  • Fixed a bug in the payment controller that led to certain gateways no longer working


  • Added duplicate product, if the core you're using supports it (must be or greater in order to duplicate customer choices.)
  • Fixed an issue in the popup cart with no content displaying
  • Bug fixes to product list, including SQL errors, items not staying checked in block edit view
  • Bug fixes to SIM mode leading to orders that were declined when they were valid.
  • Allowed items to be removed from cart during checkout.
  • Updating shipping prices whenever the cart is modified. 
  • Bug fixes to flat shipping that weren't taking per-product shipping into account
  • Fixing an error adding additional images in IE 7 and 8
  • Can no longer checkout with an empty cart. Cart checkout link is hidden with an empty cart as well. 
  • Fix an error in the payment method that made third party payment providers not work.
  • Made it so that discount types can be packageable. 
  • Fixed an error in orders where a product's price was tied to the product record, rather than the product's price at the time of its purchase.


  • Fix bug in custom shipping countries that resulted in fatal error on checkout.
  • Fix bug with mysql error on setting order statuses.


  • Inventory Management: a new global setting determines whether a product's inventory should automatically be lowered when the item is purchased, marked as shipped, or is part of a completed order.
  • All shipping methods can now be restricted by country.
  • Quantity in stock is now a display option on the product and product list blocks
  • Added a user ID parameter to the orders table. This should fix the error with paypal checkout not adding a user to a group after a purchase
  • If shipping and/or billing information is saved in the user profile, it will be autopopulated in the checkout process
  • You can now update an order's status from the order dashboard, view status in search history results, and search by status.
  • You can track an order's status through time, as well as see who set it.
  • Inventory should be better honored when adding one product at a time.
  • Order notification email should now list all products if multiple products are purchased.
  • Certain modifications to shipping to better support additional modules.
  • Fixed discount where multiple enabled discounts only actually let the LAST discount be applied. Now all enabled discounts with coupon codes should be addable to the cart.
  • Fixed bug in free shipping discount
  • User's groups should be refreshed when they purchase items that put them in a group.
  • Added event: core_commerce_on_checkout_finish_order that's fired when an order is completed
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Sales Tax support, found in the product edit interface, and on the payments screen in the dashboard.
  • Per-product shipping modifier. Add an additional cost to an item when using flat shipping. Any shipping method can read this value if they choose.
  • Include currency options in Paypal standard checkout
  • Fixed bugs with "currency symbol" displaying incorrectly as $ in some cases
  • Added ability to control the "from" address for receipt and notification emails. Cleaned up settings page.
  • Fixed bug in product option attributes that could cause data loss if a product option is removed.