Q: Can I remove the product description and just show pictures instead?
A: Yes you can control the product descriptions and even edit it and just show a few lines instead.

Q: Can the items in the cart be saved even if I leave the page?
A: Yes the items should stay in the cart even if you close the page as long as the browser you were using is kept open. Once you close the browser it loses its persistency and the cart goes empty again.

Q: Does it have multi-lingual fanctionality
A: It can but you have to provide the translation files for that. Here's an instruction on how to do it.

Q: Does it have mmulti-currency functionality
A: It can support different currency but not at the same time.

Q: Does it have Product Reviews/Ratings
A: As of the moment it doesn't but you can add this in via the product page associated to each item.

Q: Does it have Multiple Tax Rates?
A: Yes

Q: Does it have Shipping Weight Calculation?
A: Yes

Q: Is it easy to adjust/change the theme (colors)?
A: There are 2 skins available but if you want to customise the colours you should be able to do so with CSS and instructions are found here.

Q: Does it have SEO optimisation (Pretty URLs)?
A: This does not create a page, hence it is only so the url is managed by Concrete5 not by this add-on.

Q: Are the orders stored in the DB or just sent to my email?
A: It is sent to the email but you can also see the transactions if you get this add-on.

Q: Does it send an automatic invoice to the customer?
A: Yes especially for Paypal transactions.

Q: Does it have a quantity based discount system?
A: Yes you can customise it as well.

Q: Does "Heartbleed bug” vulnerability exists in this add-on?
A: Our cart is mostly JavaScript so therefore this add-on is not affected by that vulnerability.

Q: Is ithis responsive?
A: Yes.

Q: Can the photo be updated, or do you have to re-enter the product information and delete the old version of the product?
A: For eCommerce Express you would have to delete the item and re-enter it but if you have the eCommerce Express Bulk Product Manager installed you can manage the items via the Dashboard interface and you wouldn't need to input the items again. 

Q: Is it possible to translate this add-on to other languages?
A: Yes it should be possible but there is no one-click option to enable that. You would have to translate it and know the process. Here are some instructions on how to achieve that:

Q: Does this work with Paypal Payments Advanced?
A: Unfortunately this does not work with PayPal Advanced as of the moment. However, this add-on uses Paypal express checkout.

Q: What does the 3 different blocks do?
A: First of all it is important to mention that these blocks should not be in the same page because it will cause javascript error and render the page unusable. These blocks are designed to be used on different pages for different purposes.

  • Ecommerce Express Cart Summary
    • This block simply shows the current items inside the cart of your customer. So if you want to show your customers the items within their carts on a different page you can use this block to give them a quick view of their list.
  • Ecommerce Express Product List
    • This is the most important block among the 3 because this is where you put the items on sale and this also includes the cart summary and checkout page.
  • Ecommerce Express Remove Cart Items
    • Wherever page this block is used, once the page is visited it will always empty the items within the cart of the customer. This is useful for the success pages or "thank you" pages of your eCommerce Express add-on (which you can specify in the settings) so that the customer don't have to manually empty their carts again.

Q: Will this add-on allow me to collect customer data (name, address, email etc) and store it on the C5 dashboard for download on an Excel spreadsheet?
A: Answer is found in our Knowledgebase article.

Q: Will this give me and the customer payment confirmation and how is confirmation given and recorded?
A: Yes it will give you payment confirmation via Email (Manual Checkout) and for other payment gateways (Paypal, Skrill, etc.) if you specified your payment gateway to send you payment confirmation. Again, to answer if the transactions are being recorded see the article

Q: If eCommerce Express can send payment confirmation via email are the mail texts customizable?
A: This is possible with Email (Manual Checkout) see instructions here. However with the other payment gateways it depends if your payment gateway allows the emails to be modified, in short there is no facility in eCommerce Express to achieve that except for Email (Manual Checkouts).

Q: If you cannot collect data, how does one know if someone has paid or where to ship an item to because the address may be different to the billing/payment card?
A: eCommerce Express (eCe) now does collect the information and stores it in the back-end C5 database. If you are using the Email checkout and with this you need to verify the order manually. Also for the other gateways the transactions are recorded on each payment gateways' history such as (Paypal, Skrill, etc.) We have implemented Paypal IPN on Paypal checkout so you will know via the email registered on your Paypal account if a payment has been completed, pending, or not. Regarding the shipping address, eCe has an address form field which the users can use to fill in their Shipping address (see screenshot), the Billing address however is already provided on the customer's profile in the payment gateways or in the Credit Card used.

Q: How many products can I add to the cart system?
A: As many as you wish, and they can be split over multiple pages and still share the same cart data.

Q: Can the order simply be emailed to me without using one of the available payment gateways?
A: YES! As of v1.1, you can choose the "manual" payment gateway option to simply be notified via email of an order. No payment needs to be processed, but this option is also perfect for payments via "bank transfer". You can simply provide your bank account details on the "thank you" page.

Q: Can I change the skin colours?
A: If you have some experience with CSS, you can modify the CSS file included to change the skin colours to anything you wish. This is only recommended for advanced users.

Q: How do I know the ID of the product?
A: If you view the developer tool or just view the page source you should be able to see this and look for data-id attribute.

As of now this is how to find out the product ID which we will be improving later.

Q: Does this add-on handle inventory control?
A: No, not automatically. You need to keep track of your inventory another way. However, there is an optional "quantity" field that you can apply to each product so you can limit the maximum number of a particular item that can be added to the cart. This could be used for a rough tracking if you update it after each purchase. But that's not what it is designed for.

Q: Is this add-on the same (or related to) the core team's eCommerce add-on?
A: No, this add-on is a lightweight alternative to that add-on. It is not connected or related in any way. Our eCommerce Express add-on is designed to help you start selling on your website as quickly as possible.

Q: Can I create my own payment gateway?
A: Yes, developers with some PHP & Javascript knowledge can use our template code to create their own payment gateway. Details are be found at the bottom of the marketplace listing or on our website.

Q: Are there any security risks using this shopping cart?
A: Considering this is a Javascript-based cart system, there are some technical limitations, but the payment processing is handled by 3rd party gateways or completely offline, depending on the options you choose. So no secure payment details are stored (or revealed) by the shopping cart.

Q:How do I get google checkout to work with this add-on?
A: Disable the secure cart encryption in the google checkout settings to make google checkout work with this add-on.

Q: Whenever I click on a product, for some reason two of that product end up in the cart even if I've only selected a qty of one. Why is this happening?
A: Make sure the Cart Summary block is not installed on the same page as the Product List block.

Q: When enabling captions (Product Description Style) in the block the grid view breaks and all product images are displayed piled on top of each other in a row.
A: This usually happens during development when the movable parts aren't finalised yet. I suggest that you turn off your C5 cache during development and clear the C5 cache to see the latest changes. Just turn it on when your site is ready for production or is already live and the changes have been finalised.

Q: Unfortunately with the "no crop" setting in the block the re-sizer fills the thumbnail container with no regard to proportions, resulting in "squashing" of the image on one dimension or the other. How do I remedy this?
A: The product thumbnail area is designed to be utilised by the image that you specify so all of the products in the list have the same/equal proportion with each other. If the entire space is not utilised by the image your product list will look a bit of a mess. There are two things you can do:

1. Enabling the "Crop" should get rid of the "stretched" look and if you want your customers to have an "Uncropped" image just enable the "Lightbox" option so they can see the whole image. 

2. However, if you don't want the items to look "stretched" then you should specify the best proportion the image should be when resized. For example your image is 800x640 and you want it to go 50% of it's size then that should be 400x320. You can do that on Photoshop or similar image editing applications that calculates the sizes when being resized.

Q: Can a shopper add their address before going to Paypal?
A: As of the moment, unfortunately no. The billing/shipping address used is the one that is already in their Paypal account.

Q: What if the shopper doesn't want his item to go to the address stored on Paypal?
A: Paypal allows them to change the shipping address in the checkout process.

Q: How does the address here get handled if the address is meant to come from Paypal?
A: Other than Paypal we have other payment gateways on the list. And all of these gateways share the same form which may or may not capture the address field. For example the Email checkout will definitely capture the address field while Paypal does not.

Q: If the user selects and pays via Paypal do they then get a link to download the file? Is it sent in an email or is that what the 'success' page is for?
A: For Paypal checkouts, the buyer will be given 2 options. Once they are done paying they will be given links to the digital files they bought and if they also click the "return to website" in the Paypal page they will also be redirected to a page where the links are found. However for other checkouts than Paypal, they will be given the second option first and then the links to the digital downloads are sent to their emails after.


Q: If using the manual payment, I assume there is some notification of a 'pending' order and then notification of the payment? How does the add-on provide a download link then?
A: For manual checkouts via email checkouts, the site owner will receive a notification that a client has bought the digital products and you will be provided a link in your email which you can click and automatically sends an email to your clients regarding the their download details.

Q: Can this product handle more than one product attribute, e.g. Size, Colour, Style...etc
A: Yes it does, the instructions is found in the block interface under the Help tab. 


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