Case Examples

Below are some case examples of how EZ Product may be used.

Case 1: Product with Option-Based Pricing

Sell a product that has different prices for each custom option.


  • Small Pizza = $5.99
  • Medium Pizza = $7.99
  • Large Pizza = $9.99


  1. Using the EZ Product block, go to 'Options' tab
  2. Enable 'Option Sets'
  3. On Set 1, enable 'Price per option'
  4. Enter price for each option
  5. Save block, and a dropdown option with prices should appear in place of default price

Case 2: Automatically Apply Discount for Specific Amount of Time

Use automation to pre-define when a discount is applied to a product.


  • Discount is applied only during a specific date range
  • Discount rate of 10%, with additional 5% off per additional item


  1. Using the EZ Product block, go to 'Setup' tab
  2. Under the 'Discounts' tab, select 'Rate', and enter desired data
  3. Go to 'Settings' tab, then select 'Automation' tab
  4. Under 'Sale Automation', select 'Date range'
  5. Select a start and end date for the sale; save block

Case 3: Set Up Payment Plan

If you have a big ticket (very expensive) item, and would like to offer a payment plan, use EZ Subscribe! 


  • Set up plan for item totaling $1000
  • 4 payments of $250
  • Billed monthly


  1. Set base price to $250
  2. Set 'Type' to 'Monthly'
  3. Set duration value to 1
  4. Set Trial 1 to "Months", Trial Duration to 1, and price to 250
  5. Enable recursive payments, and set number of recurring times to 3